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    Team Rock Wins ’17 Sport and Speed Regional Championship

    Team Rock, the youth competitive climbing squad of The Rock Club in New Rochelle, NY, has captured its 3rd Regional Sport and Speed Championship as they competed against the top youth climbers from the New England West Region. The annual competition was held May 13, 2017 at Rock Climb Fairfield in Fairfield, CT bringing together […]

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    The No Time Full Body Kettlebell Workout

    If you’re ever low on time but want a short and effective total body workout then this is for you! Perform 3-10 rounds of the following exercises, depending on your fitness level: We were fortunate to have had Kettlebell Kings provide us with a couple of 35 lb. kettlebells recently, so they are partially responsible for […]

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    10 & Under Tennis and Its Benefits in Youth Tennis

      10 & Under Tennis And It’s Benefits for Youth Tennis One of the premier programs at The New Rochelle Racquet Club is centered around youth tennis, focusing on the TAUT division, or Ten and Under Tennis.  But what is TAUT? What are its benefits and what makes it special for those just getting into […]

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    Super Legs; A Quick Kettlebell Strength/Endurance Circuit

    Have you ever wanted to get a fast but powerfully effective workout for your legs? This Super Legs Kettlebell Workout will do just that for you! Working on power, strength, and endurance, while also increasing your cardiorespiratory fitness, each round is packed with calorie burning effective exercises! Pre-Workout: After a thorough 4-5 minute mobility focused warm-up […]

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    What is Variable Intensity Interval Training (VIIT)?

    Variable Intensity Interval Training or VIIT is an exercise format in which you rotate between high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with medium-intensity (strength/endurance) and low-intensity (mind/body) recovery periods for a shorter, more efficient workout. Typically, you would start with high-intensity intervals, which should be performed close to maximal effort (90 percent intensity). The next round should […]

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    Team Rock, Regional Bouldering Champions, The Rock Club

    The Rock Club’s Team Rock Claims 2017 Regional Bouldering Championship

    Every December, thousands of young climbers from around the country flock to local climbing gyms to compete in The Bouldering Youth Regional Championships hosted by USA Climbing. Youth athletes showcase their bouldering skills and compete for the opportunity to move on to the Divisional and National Championships. This year the Regionals comp was held at […]

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    10 Minute Quickie Workout

    Here’s a PBF Quickie Workout; no equipment necessary and can be executed in about 10 minutes! Description Standing with feet slightly wider than shoulder width perform squats as quickly as possible for 10 seconds (speed squats). Be sure to keep your posture upright, chest out and come down as deep as you can for each […]

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    The Rock Club’s Meghan McDonald to Coach US Youth Climbing Team

    Every year, the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) holds an annual youth climbers event for the world’s most elite climbers. We are proud to announce that The Rock Club’s Gym Director, coach, and all around rock climbing stud Meghan McDonald will be coaching the 2016 US Youth National Team. Coaching rock climbing teams is […]

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    USTA Eastern Sectional Champs The Volley Girls Prepping For Nationals

    The countdown for the 2016 USTA Nationals in Tucson, Arizona has begun and the New Rochelle Racquet Club’s own Women’s 3.0 40+ team is working hard to prepare. It’s been a long journey beginning with the regular tennis season which started last April, followed by the local, regional and sectional playoffs leading to the National […]

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    Bouldering: The Facts You Need to Know

    When most people think of rock climbing, they think about harnesses, ropes, and heights. As the sport has gained momentum over the last few years, and with more gyms popping up, a different style of climbing has become popular: “Bouldering.” Bouldering is a type of climbing that doesn’t require a harness, a rope, or a partner. […]

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