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    New Rochelle Racquet Club to Compete in USTA ’17 Nationals

    The 2017 USTA Season has been underway and the competition has been fierce. Local tennis teams from the Eastern NY Region compete in a variety of local, regional, and sectional matches in an attempt to make it all the way to national spotlight, which will be held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL this October.

    The New Rochelle Racquet Club had 5 teams compete this year and they all have done an incredible job. These teams compete according to age, skill level, and sex.

    The numbers you see relate to the skill bracket each team is placed. 2.5 would be considered an entry level while 4.5 is advanced.

    Here are the teams that competed this year for The New Rochelle Racquet Club:

    Double Shots – Women’s 3.0 40+ – Division Champs
    Love Birds – Women’s 2.5 18+ – Division Champs
    New Ro Nation –Men’s 3.0 18+ – Regional Champs
    Serve Aces – Women’s 3.5 18+ – Regional Champs
    Hit Men – Men’s 3.5 40+ – Sectional Champs

    new rochelle racquet club, usta     new rochelle racquet club, usta

    We are proud to announce that the Hit Men are USTA Eastern Sectional Champs and have secured their ticket to USTA Nationals in FL! We are extremely proud of their accomplishment and hard work. This is an incredible moment in light of last years team, The Volley Girls Women’s 3.0 40+, who made it to the national stage in the 2016 USTA Season.

    “NRRC sports and tennis training combines a rare combination of great owner and facility, administration staff, directors, coaches and tennis clients that all share a desire to reach higher levels, train and coach with passion, compete well and accomplish worthwhile things in sports and in life!” said New Rochelle Racquet Club USTA Coach Jeff Scott. “Congratulations to all of our players who fought well, gave it their all and never gave up! Let’s go Hitmen, and bring back a national title to New Rochelle! Come catch the wave of a New Rochelle training program, and see what all the hype and buzz are all about. Remember you can get better if you want to!”

    new rochelle racquet club, usta     new rochelle racquet club, usta

    We owe the awesome success of our teams to our staff of extremely dedicated and highly skilled tennis professionals. NRRC’s USTA Adult Training programs, developed and run by our Director of Tennis, Josh Bill and Assistant Director, Dean Won, prepare the teams for all aspects of match play. Their infectious enthusiasm and love of the game inspires their players. The advancement of the following teams is testament to this.

    A special thanks is extended to The Hit Men Head Coach, Jeff Scott. His knowledge of the game coupled with his passion and love for tennis has produced another nationally competitive team. Way to go!

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