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    Weight Training: Get the Facts

    There have always been stereotypes associated with weight training and everyone seems to have an opinion on the topic that it can be difficult to know what to believe. To break through the chatter and get down to the truth about weight lifting, our Fitness Director, Steve DiDio, shares his thoughts on the most commonly […]

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    Build Your Base: Traversing

    By Matt Raue Ever wonder what those monkey-children on TeamRock are doing when they climb from side to side on the walls before practice? Don’t we climb up in this weird activity, sport, meditation, effort we call climbing? Those gifted youngsters are Traversing. Put simply, traversing is the act of climbing across. Whether scratching on […]

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    Team Rock at Bouldering Nationals 2016

    Congratulations to all of the Team Rock competitors at the USA Climbing Bouldering Youth Nationals last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin! Paris Liston, Lucas Oddi, Isaac Leff, Emmanuel “Manny” Derima, John Cohen, and Ryan Fanchiotti all did great, and worked extremely hard to get to such a high level of climbing competition. Isaac and Ryan also […]

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    5 Ways to Totally Dominate Your Workout

    Are you satisfied with your workout routine? Is it helping you achieve the results you’re chasing? If not, don’t despair. Pine Brook Fitness was recently featured in Westchester Magazine sharing five effective steps you can take to make sure your workout works for you! Check out the article here.

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    What’s Missing From Your Tennis Game?

    We’re often in a rush and so busy that it’s easy to skip out on a warm up or cool down before and after a match. It might be the best decision for your schedule but not for your muscles! The addition of a warm up and cool down exercises can help prevent injuries, minimize […]

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    New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

    With a new year, come new goals. Lorin Richardson from FiOS1 News joins Pine Brook Fitness Instructor, Peter Marino to talk fitness resolutions and how to keep them going throughout the year. Check out the segment here.

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    10 Climbing Tips From the Head Routesetter

    “Ah! This route is impossible!” Check out some climbing tips below from The Rock Club’s Head Routesetter, Matt Raue. Warm up Take the time to get properly warmed up. Either do laps on a very easy climb, or do some kind of quick (ten minute), light cardio. We have to warm up our muscles before […]

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    Speed to Feed – Spin for a Cause

    Pine Brook Fitness will join forces with the Food Bank for Westchester on Saturday, December 12th to host Speed to Feed, a spin event dedicated to raising money for the Food Bank for Westchester. As the holidays quickly approach, it’s a time when we are often surrounded by food. However, that’s not the case for […]

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    Tennis: Why is it so Addictive?

    I have been playing tennis since I was about 8 when my mother drove my sisters and me to lessons. Growing up in Hawaii, it was a year-round outdoor sport. We played wherever and whenever we could. My sister even broke our front door’s screen door because she practiced her serve, aiming

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    Fit Tips For a Healthier Holiday Season

    With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away and holiday party season following shortly after, we can all expect to soon be surrounded by lots of stuffing, pies, cookies, cakes, booze and all that other good stuff. It’s easy to get sucked in by sugar, so we have outlined some tips below to help you avoid […]

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