The Rock Club’s Meghan McDonald to Coach US Youth Climbing Team

Every year, the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing) holds an annual youth climbers event for the world’s most elite climbers. We are proud to announce that The Rock Club’s Gym Director, coach, and all around rock climbing stud Meghan McDonald will be coaching the 2016 US Youth National Team.

Coaching rock climbing teams is nothing new for Meghan. She has been climbing for over 18 years and coaching for 15. A NY State Licensed Guide and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, she has been the head coach for The Rock Club’s competitive climbing team, TEAM ROCK, for the last 10 years. Her passion, knowledge, and skill for the sport of rock climbing is unmatched.

Her resume with the US Youth National Climbing Team is equally as impressive as her skill set. She has coached teams that have competed in Canada and Italy, and at the Pan American Championships in Mexico. This year she will be able to add China to her list of accolades.

A couple of quick stats about the climbing comp:
• The comp takes place in Guangzhou, China, November 7-13
• You will be able to stream the event at the IFSC Website
• This comp includes some of the world’s most elite youth climbers

“I’m thrilled to coach the US Team again this year. These athletes are remarkable! To be their age – competing at such a high level on an international stage is incredible,” stated McDonald. “I’m glad I get to be a part of their journey – one that will hopefully bring home some gold, but more than anything, some incredible memories.”

She continued, “I hope you all can tune in to watch the action. You’ll see these names for years to come. They could be our 2020 Olympians! Be on the look-out for our home-grown athletes taking the stage in years to come. Our Team Rock US Team members are almost old enough to be eligible for international competition!”

Stay tuned for updates on how the US team does in the competition!

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