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    At The Rock Club, community is everything and it all starts with our staff who loves climbing and introducing new people to the sport. Creating a fun, welcoming, judgement-free community is what we're all about. We want climbers of every level to feel comfortable in our gym - and it shows. Meet the staff who makes it happen. And we can't forget our amazing crew of staff belayers who work hard to make sure you have an absolutely incredible experience at TRC.

    If you're interested in becoming a part of Team TRC, please reach out to us to apply. We're always looking for new people who would contribute to growing our community and always making TRC better.

    We are proudly an equal opportunity employer.
    Valerie Ferrara
    Chief Operating Officer
    Valerie has been the Chief Operating Officer of The Clubs at Pine Brook Fitness since early 2014. She joined the team from Philadelphia, PA, where she managed a health club with over 4,000 members. Although her climbing experience is tragically READ MORE >>
    Jordan Pacheco
    Gym Director, Head Route Setter and Team Rock Coach
    Jordan Pacheco was born and raised here in our very own New Rochelle. Jordan has been working for TRC since 2008 and caught the climbing bug hard. Since falling in love with climbing, he has only three things on his mind; climbing, soccer, and READ MORE >>
    Daniel Gruza
    Director of Junior Programs, Co-Assistant Director
    A New Rochelle native, Daniel developed an early love of the outdoors going on hikes with his Dad. Loving to scramble up rocks and boulders, he discovered climbing at a young age, and as a teen even enjoyed a short stint climbing at The Rock READ MORE >>
    Jenny Fryer
    Team Rock Head Coach, Co-Assistant Director
    Jenny has been a TRC employee and a member of the Team Rock family since 2011, and she’s still loving it! Since starting as a belayer, she’s enjoyed the role of camp counselor, junior program instructor, facilitator, and head instructor; READ MORE >>
    Foster Concannon
    (Upcoming) Sales Representative
    Foster Concannon may look young, but they hail from the pre-historic age of competitive rock climbing.  Foster started climbing at 9 years old when gym floors were made of cut up tires and the first youth nationals had speed climbing as an READ MORE >>
    Tina Hoerenz
    Head of Finance
    Originally from Berlin, Germany, Tina moved to the US at age 8. With a backyard facing the woods, she literally climbed everything: trees, boulders, rock walls, onto the roof of her house, you name it, she was on it.

    After finishing
    Paul Cesario
    Marketing Director
    Paul was born and raised in NY and joined the team in 2016. He brings many years of marketing and entrepreneurial experience to the club, having previously run two businesses of his own, a professional recording studio and teaching practice. READ MORE >>
    Xavier Torriente
    Maintenance Director, Rock Out! Guru and Route Setter
    A New Rochelle veteran, Xavier has 8 years of climbing and high rope course experience. He holds two National camp school certifications; one for climbing and one for C.O.P.E (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience.) through the BSA. He is READ MORE >>
    Ashlee Crewe
    Route Setter and Team Rock Coach
    Ashlee started climbing and working at TRC in 2017. With a dancing background, she was able to pick up slacklining quickly and learn how to walk, sit and lay comfortably on the slackline within a few weeks. Ashlee is very excited to be a new READ MORE >>
    Belissa Velasquez
    Social Media Director
    A lifetime resident of New Rochelle, Belissa been climbing for 4 years. She is one of the head instructors for junior programs here at TRC. She loves climbing at the Gunks and really enjoys everything about the outdoors.

    On her
    Chris St. Pierre
    Junior Program Instructor and Route Setter
    Chris is a third year economics student at purchase college and is also an avid pool shark, music nerd and full time goon, but for the past year his greatest love has been climbing. Chris started working at The Rock Club in December 2016 and READ MORE >>
    Conor McKoy
    Front Desk Shift Leader
    There are plenty of words you can use to describe Conor (like world traveler, writer, or nerd) but his favorite way to describe himself is a climber. Addicted to the sport, Conor started climbing right here at TRC in the summer of 2016 when READ MORE >>
    Marissa Klein
    Head Instructor and Facilitator
    Full time Graphic Design student, part time Head Instructor of Junior Programs, full time goofball and laughter machine Marissa can be found somewhere in the gym correcting footwork, cheering too loudly, or sneaking in a sneaker send with the READ MORE >>
    Jacob Romer
    Head Instructor and Facilitator
    Part time Head instructor, Part-time DJ, full-time smiler! Jacob was our youngest employee to become a head instructor for camp and Junior Programs. Jacob has been climbing since 2015. A lover of the outdoors and exploring Jacob immediately READ MORE >>