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Junior Rock Climbing Programs

Climbing is unlike any other sport out there. You don’t need any experience to have a great time and we’ll help your kids gain skills to progress. Our Junior Programs are designed to get kids started and take them as far as they want to go – from casual climbing with friends to competitions and Team Rock, our competitive climbing team.

You’ll see from the first minute of class how much our instructors love climbing, love kids, and how thrilled they are that they get to combine the two passions. They create exciting and thoughtful and new lesson plans each week that are carefully tailored to ensure that everyone is supported, challenged and engaged.

We offer three sessions: fall, winter, and spring. Fall and winter programs run for 15-weeks, while spring programs run for approx. 6-8 weeks depending on the school year calendar. Continue scrolling to see all the different classes we offer!


• Rock climbing techniques
• Climbing gym rules and etiquette
• Teamwork and sportsmanship


• Confidence on and off the wall
• Sense of accomplishment
• Health and fitness


• Climb like crazy
• Play fun games
• Be challenged

Get a look inside a class....

Go along for the adventure with John, Assistant Director of Junior Programs at the gym. Watch as he reviews concepts, techniques, and brings you along for a Rock Hangers class.



AGES: 3-6

Even your little ones can join in on the fun! Our Pebbles program introduces 3-6 year olds to climbing in a safe, controlled, and fun environment. Our professional and kid-friendly instructors focus on creating a class where everyone can excel, while still pushing those who are ready for greater challenges.

In addition to building self-esteem, our fun-filled program helps improve fine motor skills, overall fitness, balance, and flexibility. Watch with amazement as your child progresses week by week – the smiles say it all!


AGES: 7-11

Are your kids climbing up the walls? Sign up for Rockhangers and let them get that energy out on our walls -- supervised by our professional staff! This class will introduce beginners to climbing technique, while helping experienced climbers refine what they already have. They will have a blast learning to tackle bigger walls than they ever thought possible.

Kids will be grouped by age and ability so that everyone has a great time! You’ll see your child improve week-by-week as our instructors track their progress, develop their climbing skills and bring them to all-new heights.


AGES: 12-16

Club Rock is our recreational teen climbing club. This class is great for anyone, new or experienced, to learn to become a more confident and independent climber. You’ll improve your climbing, meet new friends, get belay certified, learn how to boulder and much more under the supervision of our experienced coaches.

Our Club Rock instructors create climbing games, facilitate team building and provide advanced instruction to not only help your teen improve their climbing performance, but also their self-esteem, focus, and general fitness. Everyone on Club Rock is able to take our belay test and get certified so they can climb with their friends anytime they want. Get ready to crush!


AGES: 9-16 | PRICE: $225/ MONTH

Are your kids ready to take their climbing to the next level? Are they interested in competitions, joining Team Rock, or just learning to engage with the sport in a more focused way? Then this is the class for them. Rock Squad is designed to introduce more advanced training techniques into their climbing routines, while giving them more independence than we can in our normal Rockhangers classes. The best part: anyone 9 years or older that has participated in a Junior Program class before can join, there are no tryouts!