Adult Tennis Cup and Social

Let's make this event, fun, safe, and mask free. Please bring proof of vaccination.


When, where, and what:

  • Saturday November 6th 6pm-9pm
  • RSVP by November 1st
  • Bring your own food and drink
  • Karaoke, corn hole, tennis and more!
  • $30 per person to play
  • Free to come and socialize



  • Tennis players limited to 28 spots
  • Doubles pairings: combined ratings (potentially 6.0-9.0+) so bring friends
  • Non-tennis players, welcome!


What to bring:

  • Food/ Nibbles & Adult Beverages: BYO food and drink
  • Refillable sports bottle for water
  • Prepare activewear for outdoors: long sleeve and pants


Event format:

  • Team Tennis: 4-teams of 7-players plus 1-Pro per team (6 out of 8 teammates playing at any one time)
    • Fun Round-Robin Set Play:
      • 8 game per set (play 1st deuce, no-ad 2nd deuce)
    • Scoring: (2 ways to score)
      • Game wins = 1 playing card toward your Team Poker-hand
      • Set wins=1 pt, split points if tied


  • Nobody's sitting around: the teammates sitting out for the tennis round
    • Corn hole Competition; play for your team
    • Scoring
      • Game wins = 1 playing card toward your Team Poker-hand