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    Starts September 28th!

    Adult Climbing League

    We are gearing up for another incredible season of our Adult Climbing League. Assemble your team of up to 4 climbers and strive to get the most points based on your individual climbing level. Seasoned climbers and new comers welcome! Don't have a team of 4? No problem! Sign up with the Front Desk with whoever you want to climb with and we'll make a team of 4 for you. ACL is a great environment for you to up your climbing game and make some friends in the process. Define new limits and become a better climber.

    Spots are limited. All climbers must be belay certified at the start of the season.

    Big Thank You To Our Sponsors in the '20 Season

    How it Works

    • The 2020 season starts Monday September 28th and ends November 9th
    • Sessions are every Monday 7:30-10pm and will only be open to ACL members during this time
    • Each week there is a different challenge
    • Points are awarded on the handicap system
    • Scores will be updated weekly - yes bragging rights!
    • At the end of the season, the top 3 teams will take home prizes for all team members

    Shirt Contest

    • Vote for shirt colors September 7th-8th on our Instagram Story
    • Wanna design a shirt for the season? Submit your design to anytime up until September 13th
    • Vote for the final designs September 14th-15th on our Instagram Story

    Handicap System

    We want everyone to have a chance to win. You push yourself and play hard. We have created a handicap system that puts all climbers on an even playing field. Climbers, you get to decide for yourself what level you climb. We expect you to get better throughout, so be prepared to be “bumped” if you out climb yourself or if you sandbagged it ; )

    Grades and Points

    Points and grades in red are base scores and indicate what you get climbing at your level. If you climb above or below your grade you would get more or less points based on the chart below. For example, a C4 climber who sends a 5.10a or b will get 10 points! If they send a 5.10c or d, they get 15 points! Woooo!

    Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 10.41.43 AM


    • $40 for members for the season
    • $100 for non-members for the season (day pass rates included)


    If you want to climb in ACL but were unable to join for the season, you can sub for an existing member. Likewise, if you are a current member and wont be able to make it for a night, you have have another climber sub for you.

    • All subs must be belay certified at TRC
    • $5 fee to join the league for the night plus normal day pass rates if you are not a member of the gym
    • Subbing based on availability for the specific night

    If you wish to sub, please contact ACL Program Director Conor at