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    Junior Development Program

    Junior Development Program

    The Junior Development Programs is a blocked program consisting of multiple courts with three levels: Red Ball, Orange Ball, or Green Ball.  Participants will have the chance to practice with different styles of play with other participants within their program.  This program is designed to challenge their skills and work on problem solving; a segue to our Tournament Training Program (TTP).

    Red Ball

    Red ball utilizes a reduced court size, larger balls with reduced pressure, smaller racquets, and lower height net.

    Suggested Age: 3-7

    red ball image

    Orange Ball

    Orange ball works up to a slightly below regulation size court with lower pressure balls with more bounce than red balls.

    Suggested Age: 7-10

    orange ball image

    Green Ball

    Green Ball employs a full size court with low pressure green balls that are slightly less pressure than a regulation yellow ball.

    Suggested Age: 9 & up

    green ball image

    Tournament Training Program

    Tournament Training Program

    The Tournament Training Program is designed to cover the elements of competitive tennis training in order to reach maximum success in the USTA Junior Circuit and high school tennis team, while preparing the player for the NCAA experience.

    The TTP will consist of intensive Drills to simulate match-like situations, on-court problem solving and decision making. Strategy training to help develop and sharpen on-court tactics. Prepare your player for “match play pressure” to better understand competition and performance. We also encourage and sponsor our TTP players in USTA Junior sanctioned tournaments hosted at the club.


    Private Lessons

    Private Lessons

    Private lessons are a great way to take your game to the next level, work on your technique and fine tune all of your shots. With one-on-one attention from one of our tennis professionals we can work on specific areas of interest to help you meet your tennis goals.

    Our staff tennis pros include some of the top instructors in Westchester County. They bring years of teaching and playing experience to The New Rochelle Racquet Club.