Junior Development Program

The game of tennis is at the heart of our teaching philosophy. The main goal of our JD program is to make the kids fully autonomous by playing in an age-appropriate match format. They will learn how to adapt to different environments as well analyzing new situations. During our fall session, we will organize Matchplay in individual or team settings. Therefore, our students can transfer the skills they learn in their weekly training to matches.

In addition to training and matches we emphasize values such as respect, sportsmanship and perseverance.  Through our program, our students will become more confident in their abilities to succeed and can use these values to not only be a better player but also be a better person.

4:1 student to pro ratio

Weekly 1hr classes

Grouped by age and skill

Free evaluation

J-B Belin / Director of Junior Development



This program follows the same philosophy as our red ball program emphasizing playing the game of tennis while having fun. It is an ideal introduction to tennis for children who want exposure to the game at an early age.

  • Ages 3-5 / 45 min classes
  • Learn the fundamentals such as throwing, catching, and movement in a fun and friendly environment
  • Age appropriate equipment such as low pressure balls, small and lighter racquets, and reduced court sizes


Junior Development Progression

red ball graphic

Red ball utilizes a reduced court size, larger balls with reduced pressure, smaller racquets, and lower height net.


Suggested Age: 5-7

orange ball graphic

Orange ball works up to a slightly below regulation size court with lower pressure balls with more bounce than red balls.


Suggested Age: 7-9

green ball graphic

Green Ball employs a full size court with low pressure green balls that are slightly less pressure than a regulation yellow ball.


Suggested Age: 9 & up

yellow ball graphic

Yellow Ball employs a full size court with regulation high pressure balls.


Suggested Age: 10 & up



We take pride in creating youth tennis programs that enrich players lives and foster love for the game in a supporting and caring environment.