Adult Training Programs

Tennis is a sport that you can play at any age and enjoy for life. We believe in creating a supportive and encouraging community for all skill levels where you can excel at the game. We are focused on enhancing and nurturing your tennis game, providing great organized and structured practices and match play that concentrate on motivation, love and passion. Join our NRRC family!

4:1 student to pro ratio

Walking director on court

Grouped by level

Free evaluation

Adam Homan / Director of Adult Programming


This program is for players who have or currently are playing USTA matches. We work on developing strategies, positioning and match play skills. Our program includes 4:1 player to pro ratio, a walking director on court, free evaluation for new customers.  Our players are grouped by level to get the most out of your training.



A beginner tennis player is at the early stages of learning the sport. They are still developing fundamental skills such as hand-eye coordination, footwork, and racquet control. Their strokes may be inconsistent, and they may struggle with timing and accuracy. With a 4:1 player to pro ratio, this program emphasizes correct techniques, repetition, and muscle memory.


An advanced beginner tennis player is someone who has already gained basic knowledge and skills in the sport of tennis. They have progressed beyond the beginner stage and have developed a foundation of fundamental techniques and is starting to understand the rules and strategies of the game. Proper footwork, repetition and building muscle memory is key to progressing.


High intensity, fast paced drills. Get ready to get your cardio on! This program includes 4:1 player to pro ratio, advanced beginner/2.5/3.0 levels. We'll even have towels available for the sweating you'll do.


For the early morning risers. A great way to start the day. Our professional staff provides instruction and elite drills on strategy followed by supervised competitive play. This is a great opportunity to meet other players at your level!  Program includes 4:1 player to pro ratio and for levels 4.0/4.5/5.0


We are so excited to bring back our Adult Summer Training Program. We are offering clinics throughout the summer without committing to a weekly program. This is a chance to train with high level coaching throughout the summer at your convenience. Whether you are training for USTA matches or just learning the sport, this is the best chance to better your tennis game.

Program includes:

  • mix of technical exercises
  • on-court strategies
  • positioning drills
  • match play


  • June 24 - August 23

Price & Times

  • Monday - Friday / 9am - 11am & 11am - 1pm / $90 per session
  • Monday - Thursday / 5:30pm - 7pm / $75 per session