Tennis Camp

We offer a variety of tennis camps throughout the year. Whether you are just starting out and would like to try red ball or are a seasoned camp pro and would like to experience tournament training camp, we have a camp that will fit your skill level. All camps are grouped according to age and skill to make sure everyone gets the best experience.


Looking for fun activities over school breaks? Our vacation mini-camps run just like our summer camp with age appropriate games and activities for all ages and skill levels. These camps are typically offered throughout the year on various holidays including Columbus Day, Memorial Day, February Winter Break, April Spring Break, and Thanksgiving Break.


Throughout the course of the pandemic, we have had to adapt and adjust everything we do to keep our valued members and staff safe and healthy.  Summer camp was no exception.  As was the case last year we are shortening our camp sessions and keeping a stricter ratio on court. This is so we can allow for better spacing throughout the lessons.

Each camp session will be 2 hours long.  We are offering the camp sessions 9-11am, 11-1pm, and 2:30-4:30pm.  You are welcome to sign up for as many sessions as you’d like.  If campers stay during the 1-2:30pm break they are welcome to stay in a designated space to relax and enjoy some lunch.

As is the case with any lesson, spectators are not allowed inside the club.  Also, you should arrange to have players picked up promptly after the camp session.  They will not be permitted to wait for an extended period of time in the club.


10 Weeks
June 28 - September 3, 2021

Monday - Friday


This camp incorporates a progressive approach to children’s tennis based upon the USTA’s proven format. Modified courts and equipment (36-foot court with smaller tennis nets) assist children in building confidence in their game, allowing them to begin to rally more quickly and play points. We work on balance, coordination, movement and, most importantly, LOTS OF FUN!


Each camp week is filled with lots of great engaging activities, including Director’s stroke-of-the-day demos, instructional classes/drills, point play, and weekly fitness.


Our JD camp is for the low to intermediate player. Orange (60-foot court), Green (to develop consistency in order to construct a point) and Yellow balls will be used based on the camper’s level. The JD Camp will include challenging drills and fun-filled tennis games designed to teach and help players appreciate the sport of a lifetime!


JD camp highlights include the Director’s demo stroke of the day, team color war, target hits, team competitions (Davis Cup and Federation Cup), point play, “Around the World,” and TTP preparation.


For the more advanced tournament player, our Tournament Training camp focuses on strategy training that will help develop and sharpen on-court tactics through simulated match situations, and on-court problem solving and decision making. We will prepare the campers for “match play pressure” to better understand competition and performance. It’s all about hard work, willingness, and focus!