Adult Tennis Programs


The adult tennis programs target players who want to improve their doubles and singles strategy skills coupled with competitive match play. The curriculum includes intensive drills focusing on shot selection, footwork and speed agility. Strategy training will help develop and sharpen on-court tactics through simulated match-like situations, on-court problem solving, and decision making.

Our professional staff will prepare you for “match play pressure” to better understand competition and performance. The program also prepares one to focus on developing team camaraderie, partnerships and mental toughness to get you ready for USTA competition.


Contacts: - Women's Training Program - Men's Training Program


Keep your game sharp and stay fit during the summer. Our summer training program is ideal for current players looking to improve their game as well as beginners looking to stay fit and learn the basic.

Program includes:

  • mix of technical exercises
  • on-court strategies
  • positioning drills
  • match play


  • June 27 - August 29




Join us for our tactical and skill building clinics. Up your game with focused 60 or 90 minute sessions designed to bring your game to the next level with our very talented pro staff.

We group players by skill level, so if you are looking to play, we can find a group to suit your playing needs. You can also create your own personalized clinic to suit your needs. Clinic sessions are 14 or 28 weeks.


Men's Contact:

Women's Contact:


Want to get in some Cardio, competitive play and have a chance to play against varied styles of players? Then Blitz is for you! Come and join us for some fast paced intensive, live ball point play!

Not offered during summer session.




Are you an early bird? A great way to start a stressful day. Our professional staff provides instruction and elite drills on strategy followed by supervised competitive play. This is great opportunity to meet other players at your level!

Not offered during summer session.