What’s Missing From Your Tennis Game?

We’re often in a rush and so busy that it’s easy to skip out on a warm up or cool down before and after a match. It might be the best decision for your schedule but not for your muscles!

The addition of a warm up and cool down exercises can help prevent injuries, minimize risk of soreness and improve your overall game. Below we outline the benefits of a warm up and cool down and why it’s worth coming a few minutes early and staying a few minutes after a match to complete and help improve your game.

Warm Up

    Getting the blood pumping prior to practice or competition is very important, especially for injury prevention and improved performance. Dynamic stretches, those that require movement through a specific range of motion, are a great way to warm up and prepare for the vigor of tennis. Pick specific movement patterns and exercises that mimic the way your muscles work during a match. One great example of such an exercise for your lower body would be a side lunge.

    Cool Down

      The proper cool down after a match can help minimize soreness, decrease the risk of injury and improve range of motion. During the cool down you can focus on more traditional static stretches. It is always best to concentrate on one muscle at a time. The chest stretch or doorway stretch is a great one!doorstretch

      Our newest facility, The Studios at Pine Brook Fitness, offers a variety of specialized classes including Dynamic Warm-up and Cool Core which are great complements to your tennis game. We encourage you to challenge yourself to take a few extra minutes before and after your game to help make yourself the best tennis player you can be. Check out The Studios class schedule here. Your muscles will thank you!

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