Walking: Add Some Extra Steps to your Day

The City of New Rochelle will celebrate the City’s first Walk to Work Day, tomorrow, April 29th. Come by the pop-up expo on the corner of North and Huguenot from 7am-9:30am for a goody bag from local businesses including The Studios at Pine Brook Fitness! Some of our fitness experts will be there to share some fit tips. In the meantime, here are some pointers on how you can gets those extra steps in each day!

Walking is an easy way to add in some exercise, burn more calories and improve cardiovascular fitness. Finding time in an already busy schedule can be a challenge. Here are some easy ways to add extra steps to your day.

1. Pace. There are many daily tasks we do standing still. Add in some exercise by moving around during these tasks. Pacing while you brush your teeth, or when waiting for the bus or train is a great way to get in more walking.

2. Stairs. Avoid elevators and escalators, take the stairs instead. Stair climbing is great for your health and burns up to three times more calories than walking.

3. Take calls on the go. Why sit down and chat when you could walk and talk. Get some fresh air by taking a 10 minute phone call outside and go for a brisk walk.

4. Have walking meetings. Meetings on the go will not only get you up and moving; they can help wake you up and stimulate your mind which leads to greater creativity, concentration and conversation.

5. Buddy up. Meet your friends for talk and walk instead of going to the coffee shop. That can be a great way for an active catch up.

6. Lunch break. Take your lunch out for a walk. Go find some place interesting to eat or if you have the time, take a few laps around the building on your break.

7. At the office. Incorporate more walking during work. Go to the lavatory on a different floor or visit co-workers instead of calling them.

8. Daily tasks. Park further away from the office, gym or supermarket. This yields two opportunities to log in a few more steps walking to and from your car. If you travel by bus or train, try to get on or off a stop before your destination to boost those steps.

9. Window shopping. Window shopping is a great way to spend some free time. With all those beautiful store fronts you will hardly notice your extra exercise.

10. After dinner. A great way to end the day is spending time with a loved one and what better way than with a nice healthy walk. An after dinner walk improves digestion, blood circulation, boosts metabolism and will help you sleep better.

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