What is Variable Intensity Interval Training (VIIT)?

Variable Intensity Interval Training or VIIT is an exercise format in which you rotate between high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with medium-intensity (strength/endurance) and low-intensity (mind/body) recovery periods for a shorter, more efficient workout.

Typically, you would start with high-intensity intervals, which should be performed close to maximal effort (90 percent intensity). The next round should be a medium or low-intensity interval with an emphasis on strength or endurance. Lastly, you would perform a low-intensity round with an emphasis on mobility.

By altering your intensity levels, you can go slightly longer in duration while working your body in various modes of exercise techniques.  This is a great alternative for people unable to come to the gym frequently but still want to reap the benefits of overall fitness. VIIT workouts increase your metabolism after your workout like a HIIT workout but they also enhance strength, endurance, and mobility! Our boot camp class at The Studios in Pine Brook Fitness is a type of VIIT workout if you’d like to try this methodology out.

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