How to Start a Personal Training Business in 2023

Back to Blog Starting a personal training business provides a great opportunity to share your passion for fitness while making money in the process. Here are five things to consider when getting started. Obtain necessary certifications Obtaining a certification is essential if you want to work for large gym and to ensure that you won’t…

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USTA Junior Tournament Updates Fall ’18

It has been an incredible USTA Junior tournament season this year at The New Rochelle Racquet Club. Tournaments are held at the club every weekend where competitors from all over the county compete in a variety of age and level specific USTA sanctioned tournaments. We are are excited to announce that several of the athletes…

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Anti-inflammatory Diet Helps Bones of Women

Women who eat anti-inflammatory diets, which are higher in vegetables and fruits, fish, and whole grains, may improve bone health and may prevent fractures, according to research. Data from the Women’s Health Initiative was used to compare inflammatory components in the diet to bone mineral density and fractures. Over six years, women with the least…

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The No Time Full Body Kettlebell Workout

If you’re ever low on time but want a short and effective total body workout then this is for you! Perform 3-10 rounds of the following exercises, depending on your fitness level: [highlight]Atomic Pushup 10x[/highlight] [highlight]One Arm Thrusters 10x (5 each side)[/highlight] [highlight]One Arm TRX Row w/ KB curl 10x each side [/highlight] [highlight]Getup 5x each…

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Super Legs; A Quick Kettlebell Strength/Endurance Circuit

kettlebell training, the studios

Have you ever wanted to get a fast but powerfully effective workout for your legs? This Super Legs Kettlebell Workout will do just that for you! Working on power, strength, and endurance, while also increasing your cardiorespiratory fitness, each round is packed with calorie burning effective exercises! Pre-Workout: After a thorough 4-5 minute mobility focused warm-up…

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What is Variable Intensity Interval Training (VIIT)?

Variable Intensity Interval Training or VIIT is an exercise format in which you rotate between high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with medium-intensity (strength/endurance) and low-intensity (mind/body) recovery periods for a shorter, more efficient workout. Typically, you would start with high-intensity intervals, which should be performed close to maximal effort (90 percent intensity). The next round should…

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Bouldering: The Facts You Need to Know

bouldering, the rock club

When most people think of rock climbing, they think about harnesses, ropes, and heights. As the sport has gained momentum over the last few years, and with more gyms popping up, a different style of climbing has become popular: “Bouldering.” Bouldering is a type of climbing that doesn’t require a harness, a rope, or a partner.…

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USTA Eastern Sectional Champs

tennis, usta

The New Rochelle Racquet Club has some very exciting news regarding USTA League Competition. We are proud to announce that this past weekend the NRRC Volley Girls 3.0 Women’s 40+ are USTA Eastern Sectional Champions.  They will be advancing to the National Tournament Championships in Tucson, Arizona in October.  This is a tremendous accomplishment that has taken…

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