Team Rock – Regional Champs!

The Regional Championship held at The Rock Club last Saturday was a blast! 141 climbers, 7 to 18 years old from all over New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Western Massachusetts tried their hardest on three, nails-hard championship climbs. Athletes who qualified in the top ten in their categories earned an invitation to the New England Divisional Championship June 18th and 19th in Randolph, MA. We had three riveting super-finals take place and also got to watch multiple national and even world podium-holders. The athletes all tried their hearts out. Seventeen climbers from TRC’s Team Rock qualified for Divisionals, so BIG congratulations to these climbers who helped earn the Region 801Team Regional Championship for Team Rock AGAIN!

Also, huge thanks to the volunteers! We had so many compliments about how smoothly the competition went, and that’s thanks to the hard work of the volunteers. They did a really great job belaying, judging and keeping everyone safe.

Everyone should come in to try their hand at the championship routes. See how far you can get on these “progressive” routes. Progressive routes aren’t consistent. They get increasingly more difficult and insecure as you go. Each category had a different color route last Saturday, climbing three routes in all. Come by and give ‘em a shot!

Thanks for your patience as we get the gym back to normal. Look out for tons of new routes all over the gym, and a boulder reset coming up. We’re psyched about all the new holds and volumes we have to play with, so stay tuned!

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