The Rock Club Welcomes New Head Routesetter Jordan Pacheco

We have some exciting news TRC fam. We are proud to announce that Jordan Pacheco is the new Head Routesetter at The Rock Club! Jordan has been at The Rock Club for over 10 years and has served many roles including front desker, Team Rock coach, operations manager, and now Head Routesetter.

Having worked with all of The Rock Club’s previous head routesetters and setters alike, Jordan is excited to show his skills realizing he is standing in the shadows of some incredible head setters that have been at the club.

He has coached Team Rock, the competitive climbing team at The Rock Club, at various high level competitions and is determined to stay up to date with how climbing is evolving.

He is eager to build upon the skills he has learned and propel TRC into the future with better and more amazing routes.

Jordan has already been working the position as an interim role and has brought some pretty positive changes. Route turnover has greatly increased since he has taken over. He has welcomed a number of new setters onto the team that bring their unique climbing experiences onto the team adding diversity to our climbs like never before.

Our recent USA climbing bouldering competition that was headed by Jordan  had the highest attendance of any of our past youth bouldering comps and had overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Be sure to say hello if you see him in the gym and let him know what you think of the routes!

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