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Capoeira Luanda

The Capoeira Center is located in Downtown New Rochelle, and housed inside The Studios at Pine Brook Fitness. They offer classes on the movement and music of capoeira for adults and children. Their academy provides our community with affordable capoeira classes that promote a healthy mind, body, and soul.

excel martial arts

Excel Martial Arts

Martial arts classes benefit growing children far beyond the dojo and in many real-world scenarios. Their structured classes are meant to help develop coordination, physical fitness, mental strength, as well as gain valuable social skills. Through positive reinforcement, they can bring out the best in your children to help them succeed in life.

stacy fields

Stacy Fields

Stacy is truly passionate and dedicated to helping people live happy, healthy lives. Through daily exercise, avoiding a sedentary life, healthy mindful eating and nutrition.

There are many reasons for her love of Pilates! Pilates truly is for everybody; any level of fitness, any age, any body type,people with injuries or special conditions, pre/post natal.

With a consistent Pilates practice many great benefits and results can be achieved; stronger core, improved spinal ealt,  muscle mass & tone , flexibility, range of motion, coordination, also non stressful to the joints.

Stacy is a STOTT certified Pilates Instructor, NASM certified Personal Trainer, Total Barre certified Barre Instructor and ISSA certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  

judy web-1

Personal Trainer Judy

Judy is a NASM certified personal trainer, registered dietitian, and nutritionist based out of Westchester NY.


KiYah Athletics

Certified ISSA

Owner of KiYah Athletics Fitness Company and KiYah Athletics Foundation for Single Mothers. Coach Akeame is a versatile trainer with an athletic background.

As a former pro soccer player, Coach Akeame’s main goal was to change the culture of fitness by introducing his clients to a more fun, engaging and effective way of approaching workouts.

This fitness world can be a bit intimidating and competitive so our mission was always focused on Bringing Life To Fitness.

We do this by implementing our H.E.A.L(Healthy, Eating Active Lifestyle) Program. With this program, we allows clients to not just enjoy the journey of healthy active lifestyle but teaching them how to maintain proper nutrition.

Coach Akeame and his team focuses on preventive nutrition (Preventive nutrition involved adopting eating habits with the aim of preventing or reducing the risk of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis)  as well as cellular nutrition (Cellular nutrition is a proprietary blend of high-quality science based vitamins and nutrients that act at the cellular level to maximize nutrient absorption and provide all the 116 essential nutrients and vitamins the human body needs to function properly, in order to maintain a healthy microbiome and maximize health).

To book a session:

Call (914)454-1469 / Email: kiyahathletics@gmail.com / Social DM


Zumba Instructor Flor

Flor Yaneth Vargas is a Zumba Instructor based out of New Rochelle, NY.

Jon Dilan Studios

Justified Dynamics Fitness

Fitness + Science = Results
NCSA certified SCS.
ISSA certified PT, Group Coach
8+ Years experience :
Youth Fitness, Personal Training, Athletic Conditioning and General Health.

Reign All Stars Cheerleading

Reign All-Stars cheerleading program targets youth across all socioeconomic statuses. Our aim is to promote enthusiasm, positive attitude, spirit, empowerment, confidence and positive social development.

Participants will be able to strengthen discipline, leadership, sportsmanship, hard work, team work, health/ physical fitness, social and mental wellbeing. These life skills are aimed at increasing our youth’s outcomes in academic achievement, post-secondary professional, social and emotional skills.


Rollerskating X Stem

Joanna Smith is a certified rollerskating coach with the society of rollerskating teachers of America (SRSTA). She loves people and fitness and STEM. She is an amazing and patient coach who loves to see everyone progress easily and quickly. She has a decade of experience in rollerskating and rhythm skating. Her mantra is, let’s get fit together. She looks forward to working with you soon!

Ska8erscommunity (@bxsk8erjey)



Joanna Smith (@daleysmithstemandmusicinc)

vida dance profile b&w

Vida Dance Company

Hello, we are your instructors Javi and Juli! We have been teaching Salsa on 2 to dancers of all ages for 15 years. Nothing brings us more joy than being able to share our passion with the community. Come and join our big happy dance family, we promise you will not regret it!

Doherty dance

Doherty Petri School of Irish Dancing

Kelly Pappas, TCRG began Irish Dance at age 10 as one of the first students at O'Rourke Irish Dancers when it opened its doors in 1995. Her love of competing led her to become the first student in the O’Rourke School to reach Preliminary Championships, as well as the first to attend the Mid-Altantic Oireachtas as a solo competitor.

Throughout high school, Kelly was an assistant teacher at O’Rourke and took a short break from teaching to attend college at Fordham University in New York City, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2007. After returning from college, Kelly joined O’Rourke once again as an assistant teacher. She also competed on the adult 8-Hand and 4-Hand teams, winning both regional and national championships. Kelly earned her T.C.R.G. in 2012, and has taught Adult Solo classes, pre-school and beginner classes.

In 2018 O’Rourke Irish Dancers merged with Doherty Petri Irish Dance.

To book a class:

Call (914)629-8385 / Email: kellypappas512@gmail.com

elektra bio

Elektra Bellydance

Elektra is a professional Bellydance entertainer and instructor based in NYC and Westchester NY. She is an award winner dancer who has been seen all over NY at countless shows and events.

Her dance style includes American Cabaret, Raks Sharqi, Classical Egyptian, Egyptian Folkloric, Tribal Fusion, Turkish, Greek and Modern Egyptian. She performs with a wide range of dance props such as fire trays, zills, veils and wings to name a few. As an instructor, Elektra is passionate about sharing her talents and gifts. In her classroom she systematically breaks down movements to the essential core and helps students develop technique, self confidence, body awareness and healthy outlook to Middle Eastern bellydance.

To book a class:

Call (917) 518-0471 / Email: elektra.bellydance@gmail.com / Website below


Private Pilates sessions available by appointment. Email stacy@stacyfields.com to book.

This schedule is for viewing purposes only. To book a class, please contact the renter directly on our renter's page.