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Capoeira Luanda

The Capoeira Center is located in Downtown New Rochelle, and housed inside The Studios at Pine Brook Fitness. They offer classes on the movement and music of capoeira for adults and children. Their academy provides our community with affordable capoeira classes that promote a healthy mind, body, and soul.

excel martial arts

Excel Martial Arts

Martial arts classes benefit growing children far beyond the dojo and in many real-world scenarios. Their structured classes are meant to help develop coordination, physical fitness, mental strength, as well as gain valuable social skills. Through positive reinforcement, they can bring out the best in your children to help them succeed in life.

stacy fields

Stacy Fields

Stacy is truly passionate and dedicated to helping people live happy, healthy lives. Through daily exercise, avoiding a sedentary life, healthy mindful eating and nutrition.

There are many reasons for her love of Pilates! Pilates truly is for everybody; any level of fitness, any age, any body type,people with injuries or special conditions, pre/post natal.

With a consistent Pilates practice many great benefits and results can be achieved; stronger core, improved spinal ealt,  muscle mass & tone , flexibility, range of motion, coordination, also non stressful to the joints.

Stacy is a STOTT certified Pilates Instructor, NASM certified Personal Trainer, Total Barre certified Barre Instructor and ISSA certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  

judy web-1

Personal Trainer Judy

Judy is a NASM certified personal trainer, registered dietitian, and nutritionist based out of Westchester NY.

stacy bio

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Stacy

With decades of professional dance training, 14 years as a certified personal trainer, and an MBA in marketing under my belt, I like to think of The Fit Mode as the ultimate culmination of everything that I love: fitness, dance, and connecting with others.

My training philosophy is grounded in science and centered around individualized programming. I strive to help my clients achieve their goals in an optimal manner, while balancing practicality.

I've found that a large part of attaining health and fitness related goals, is finding ways to set clients up with small successes along the way to foster motivation, so much so, that those small wins add up to big results over time.


Prana Prenatal Yoga

Marissa began practicing yoga regularly in 2014 as a way to cross-train for the NYC Marathon. She deepened her practice in 2016 during her pregnancy, and credits yoga with not only helping her through labor and delivery, but also with strengthening the bond between her and her unborn child.

Having spent nearly 15 years working in urban education, Marissa has a passion for empowering children of all ages and helping them succeed. She completed her 200 hour training at Yoga Haven with Betsy Kase, and lives in Westchester County with her husband and daughter. She enjoys reading, cooking, and hanging out with her beautiful blended family, and her favorite asana is Tree Pose (Vrksasana).


Zumba Instructor Flor

Flor Yaneth Vargas is a Zumba Instructor based out of New Rochelle, NY.


Justified Dynamics Fitness

JD's experience in personal training and youth athletics coaching along with a career background in career/skills development have aided me in developing a training style where clients not only see results, but also gain the knowledge needed to sustain healthy lifestyle habits.  His focus is on both physical and mental strength.

'When you train with me you are getting a fitness coach, accountability coach and a teacher. I strive to remain innovative and provide the most current exercise standards as part of my programming. I like to keep sessions fun and challenging but I also demand nothing but pure effort and focus from my clients My approach to fitness is science based and gears towards meeting clients ‘specific goals.'

He is currently certified in PT, Group Training, Corrective Exercise and Strength & Conditioning. He obtained a BS in Business Admin and is currently on track to obtain a BS in Sports Science and Exercise.  He looks forward to teaching as he continues to learn!

“Never forget to remain a student while you teach others” -Jerry Corstens


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