Team Rock Wins ’17 Sport and Speed Regional Championship

Team Rock, the youth competitive climbing squad of The Rock Club in New Rochelle, NY, has captured its 3rd Regional Sport and Speed Championship as they competed against the top youth climbers from the New England West Region.

The annual competition was held May 13, 2017 at Rock Climb Fairfield in Fairfield, CT bringing together climbers from New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Western Massachusetts as they compete on two unique climbing comps: sport and speed.

Sport climbing is your general all around rope climbing comp where climbers try to ascend a variety of climbs, ranging in difficulty. This type of climbing would be most recognized as lead climbing. Speed climbing is exactly what the name implies: climbing fast. Climbers earn a certain amount of points depending on where they get in their three climbs. Just sheer speed.


Scoring and Results

So how does a team actually win a climbing comp? Its simple: they score the most points. Each climber will attain a certain amount of points per climb, depending on how fast they completed the climb or how far they progressed through the climb. These points are then tallied to reveal the winner. Team Rock scored the most points in speed and sport making them the winner.

Team rock won by what essentially amounted to a landslide victory of 1510 total points with Rock Climb Fairfield a distant second at 851.

You can check out the full results for the sport and speed climbing comp by clicking here.

Next stop for Team Rock, sport and speed divisionals on June 17th.


Photo Credit Alex Hirst Ludwig

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