USTA 2023 Season Accomplishments

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It has been an incredible season 2023 USTA Season. Many NRRC teams have practiced and competed diligently for a shot at becoming national champions in their respective age and skill categories.

Competing in a tournament is no small feat. Each team practices 2 times per week to ensure their game is sharp and they have refined on court tactics and strategies required to compete at this level.

Over 300,000 recreational players from 17 sections around the country play to promote the growth of the game.

In the case of The New Rochelle Racquet Club, we are part of the Eastern Section which includes all of New York, New Jersey, and Long Island.

The top teams from local leagues compete in district and sectionals competitions with the sectionals winners advancing to the national championship. In 2021, NRRC team Love Birds placed third in the nation!

We’d like to extend a big congratulations to all the club teams and coaches that have competed and worked so hard to achieve success. From fighting your way into the playoffs, to taking down some very tough teams and rivals to get ourselves into Sectionals, and coming out fighting for every point and every match, shows the true heart of all the teams. Well done!

Ms. Marvels / 3rd Place Sectionals / USTA Eastern / 40+ Women’s 3.0

Hit Bros / 3rd Place Sectionals / USTA Eastern / 18+ Men’s 3.5

Got It / Eastern Southern Champions / USTA Eastern / 40+ Men’s 3.5

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