How to hit the Perfect Two Handed Backhand

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Having a strong backhand is an essential technique to have in your tennis game. Many players struggle with the two handed backhand as it is a difficult stroke to perfect.

But why is it an important stroke to master? Let’s go through a few reasons before we discuss how to actually hit the stroke.

Firstly, it can help with consistency. When you hit a two-handed backhand, you have two hands on the racket, which means you have more control over the shot. This can lead to more consistent and accurate shots, which is important in tennis.

Secondly, it can generate more power. With two hands on the racket, you can use your non-dominant hand to help generate more power on the backhand shot. This is especially useful for players who may not have as much strength in their dominant hand.

Thirdly, it can improve your reach. By using two hands on the racket, you can extend your reach and get to balls that may have been out of reach otherwise. This can make a big difference in tight matches where every point counts.

Lastly, hitting a two-handed backhand can help with injury prevention. By distributing the load across both hands, you can reduce the strain on your dominant arm and shoulder. This can help prevent injuries and keep you on the court for longer.

In the video, Coach Michael breaks down each step of this stroke so you can master it yourself.

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