EV Charging is Now at The Club

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Pine Brook Fitness is thrilled to share the news of our recent collaboration with the Livingston Energy Group, resulting in the installation of two state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at our club. Operated and maintained by the proficient Livingston Energy Group, these Level 2 charging stations promise a seamless and efficient charging experience for our members and visitors alike.

Designed with a robust 7.6kW capacity, these charging stations empower users to charge their electric vehicles swiftly, with the convenience of either a full charge within a matter of hours or a quick “top-off” in even less time. This not only caters to the diverse needs of our patrons but also aligns with our commitment to promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices within our community.

Located strategically just to the right of the main entrance, our EV charging stations are easily accessible to all, ensuring that individuals with electric vehicles can conveniently charge their cars while enjoying the facilities at Pine Brook Fitness. The inclusivity of these stations extends to accommodating all types of electric vehicles, making it a versatile and welcoming feature for our diverse community of members.

To make the most of these charging stations, we encourage everyone to download the Charge Point App, which will streamline the process of initiating and managing your EV charging sessions. Join us in embracing a greener and more sustainable future as we continue to integrate eco-conscious initiatives into the Pine Brook Fitness experience.

You can download the Charge Point App to get started.

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