Climber of the Month

At The Rock Club, there is no limit to who can excel at climbing. It’s a sport that everyone, 8 to 80, can enjoy and reap the benefits it can bring to one’s life. It’s so inspiring to see climbers progress through the ranks of more difficult climbs, watch them become stronger climbers, as well as people who tackle life’s challenges with the same vigor and tenacity, both on and off the wall.

This month we spoke with two young climbers who are in The Club’s after-school junior programs and also went to compete in the USA Climbing Youth Bouldering Regionals.

Aidan, age 11, a Mamaroneck native, really got into climbing last year and enjoys how different it is from other sports.

“I joined the comp because it was something new and climbing is just fun! When I first started I thought climbing was very basic, like climbing a ladder but there’s a lot more to it. There’s a lot of technique and different ways of moving on the wall. I learned a lot of climbing vocabulary in class, how to belay and be safe in a climbing area.”

Owen, age 9, from New Rochelle, has been climbing trees since he was 4 and started climbing at The Rock Club when he was 7.

“I really enjoy the nerves before competing, it’s exciting and challenging myself is something I always look forward to. What makes climbing so much fun for me are the heights and adrenaline! Outdoor camp is cool too because you can create your own routes. My dream is to climb The Dawn Wall [in Yosemite National Park]!”

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