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    Founded in 2007, The Rock Club was the first of its kind and continues to be the premier rock climbing gym in the New York area. Our 40 foot climbing wall with terrain ranging from easy to extreme provides a fun and challenging experience for climbers of all levels. We have about 80 climbing stations with over 200 individual routes that are continuously changed so there are always new obstacles to conquer. We also just added a HUGE new space to our gym and added over 4 feet of height to some of our existing bouldering walls – this stuff is big! Opening in the Spring of 2016, our new “boulders” give our climbers a huge new overhanging prow, true slab walls, more training areas, and room for some of the craziest boulder problems out there.


    Other than our walls and our routesetting, what sets us apart is our staff. Our staff members are rock climbing pros with a hunger for climbing. Their passion and expertise is unrivaled in the industry and they are committed to providing you with an awesome experience whether it’s your first climbing experience or you’re a serious climber. We offer a variety of programs and instruction for all levels and ages to help you reach your climbing goals.


    Whether you’re looking to advance your climbing skills, want to try climbing for the first time, are looking for a family activity or just want to stay in shape, The Rock Club at Pine Brook Fitness can meet your needs.


    We look forward to having you join our climbing community.


    Get Climbing!