Total Body Kettlebell Workout

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We’re all pressed for time so quick but effective total body workouts are great for anybody. Here’ a total body kettlebell workout that will work every major muscle group in as little as 10 minutes! Perform the following routine for a heart pumping, full body workout! – Double Kettlebell Swings 15x – Renegade Row with…

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The No Time Full Body Kettlebell Workout

If you’re ever low on time but want a short and effective total body workout then this is for you! Perform 3-10 rounds of the following exercises, depending on your fitness level: [highlight]Atomic Pushup 10x[/highlight] [highlight]One Arm Thrusters 10x (5 each side)[/highlight] [highlight]One Arm TRX Row w/ KB curl 10x each side [/highlight] [highlight]Getup 5x each…

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