Steel Strength Fitness Program

Steel Strength in an innovative training program developed by the fitness experts at Pine Brook Fitness that uses a combination of steel club and sledgehammer training. Steel Strength training improves coordination and challenges your core all while strengthening the body utilizing 3 dimensional movement patterns. Inspired by warriors, Steel Strength utilizes two distinct fitness tools, steel clubs and sledgehammers.

Using steel clubs as a fitness tool started in ancient Persia as a way for wrestlers to prepare for grappling. They would swing large wooden clubs to strengthen their arms and torsos. Next, British soldiers stationed in India during the 19thcentury picked up on club swinging exercises or “Indian Clubs”. They modified the clubs a bit to look like modern-day bowling pins and brought the practice back to England. The U.S. Army also included Indian club exercises as part of soldiers’ physical fitness routines during basic training in WWI. At the turn of the century, athletes were so nuts for swinging Indian clubs that it even became an official sport at the 1904 Olympics!

The sledgehammer has always been a symbol of strength and functional work capacity. In fact, the word is derived from slaegan which means to “strike with force.” In the US, it has been depicted as a symbol of heroism, hard work and, as in the tale of John Henry, inspires tireless work, effort and heroism. Even the Nordic God of Thunder, Thor (a well known symbol of power) wields a hammer!

When you experience Steel Strength it will be quickly evident why it is gaining popularity as a critical training program for everyone from martial artists, swimmers, tennis players, golfers, rock climbers and more. The use of the two fitness tools allows your body to get strong in ways it never has (and can’t with any other equipment).

Even though this training program was created by warriors you don’t have to be one to experience the benefits of training like one! Some of the additional benefits you can expect are: lower back strength, improved balance, shoulder strength and flexibility, grip and forearm strength and increased power and metabolic rate. You’ll also feel great while being challenged, working with various swings and complex movement patterns.

We’re excited to launch Steel Strength next week and invite you to try this new program for FREE on Wednesday May 4th at 9am or Thursday May 5th at 6: 30pm. Steel Strength classes will continue to run every Wednesday at 9am and Thursdays at 6:30pm. We hope you’ll join us for some heart-pumping swinging, slamming and fun!

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