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    Ten and Under Camp
    (Red Ball)
    Ages 3-7
    This camp incorporates a progressive approach to children’s tennis based upon the USTA’s proven format. Modified courts and equipment (36-foot court with smaller tennis nets) assist children in building confidence in their game, allowing them to begin to rally more quickly and play points. We work on balance, coordination, movement and, most importantly, LOTS OF FUN!

    Each camp week is filled with lots of great engaging activities, including Director’s stroke-of-the-day demos, instructional classes/drills, point play, and weekly fitness.

    Junior Development Camp
    (Orange, Green and Yellow Ball)
    Ages 7-15
    Our JD camp is for the low to intermediate player. Orange (60-foot court), Green (to develop consistency in order to construct a point) and Yellow balls will be used based on the camper’s level. The JD Camp will include challenging drills and fun-filled tennis games designed to teach and help players appreciate the sport of a lifetime!

    JD camp highlights include the Director’s demo stroke of the day, team color war, target hits, team competitions (Davis Cup and Federation Cup), point play, “Around the World,” and TTP preparation.

    Tournament Training Camp
    Ages 10-15
    For the more advanced tournament player, our Tournament Training camp focuses on strategy training that will help develop and sharpen on-court tactics through simulated match situations, and on-court problem solving and decision making. We will prepare the campers for “match play pressure” to better understand competition and performance. It’s all about hard work, willingness, and focus!
    To ensure proper supervision at all times and to allow for a comfortable student-to-instructor ratio, enrollment per weekly session will be limited. Based on previous years, early enrollment is strongly suggested. All campers will receive an awesome New Rochelle Racquet Club camp t-shirt and awards!
    Vending machine snacks and beverages are available. Students can bring their own food, which can be held in our refrigerator if needed. Full-day campers have the option of purchasing deli-delivered lunches for the week at an additional cost.
    Early Drop Off/ Late Pickup
    For your convenience, the Club will be open and fully staffed from 8:30 am through the evening should you choose to drop your child off early and/or have a later pick up.

    Parents must arrange late pick up at least 24 hours prior to the day of camp. Notice within 24 hours does not guarantee placement. Campers that arrange a late pick up will be supervised but does NOT include tennis instruction. Campers will have access to club amenities such as TV, vending machines and wi-fi. This service will cost $20 per camper.

    Please email Asst. Program Coordinator Norm Nguyen to arrange a late pickup at
    The Club has TV, soda, juice, snack machines and Wi-Fi. Full-day campers, with parental permission, can enjoy free play time from 4 to 5 pm with other campers and/or parents.