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The New Rochelle Racquet Club is open! The Rock Club and The Studios are still closed at the time but are making plans to reopen. Stay tuned for updates! PLEASE READ
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    Pine Brook Fitness Named Best of Westchester 2016

      Every year, the editors of Westchester Magazine scour the community to find the best businesses that Westchester has to offer to compile the highly-anticipated Best of Westchester issue. We are proud to announce that Pine Brook Fitness has been selected as the Best Multi-Sport Family Fitness Facility in Westchester for 2016! We are so proud […]

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    Music and Exercise

    The Magical Feel Good Elixir or a healthy PED Mankind has always been fascinated by music. From the first Neanderthal beating a drum (or another caveman’s head) to soldiers keeping time marching into battle or as a way to celebrate a blessed event, music is ingrained in our culture. We have all been moved by […]

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    Team Rock – Regional Champs!

    The Regional Championship held at The Rock Club last Saturday was a blast! 141 climbers, 7 to 18 years old from all over New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Western Massachusetts tried their hardest on three, nails-hard championship climbs. Athletes who qualified in the top ten in their categories earned an invitation to the New […]

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    Walking: Add Some Extra Steps to your Day

    The City of New Rochelle will celebrate the City’s first Walk to Work Day, tomorrow, April 29th. Come by the pop-up expo on the corner of North and Huguenot from 7am-9:30am for a goody bag from local businesses including The Studios at Pine Brook Fitness! Some of our fitness experts will be there to share […]

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    Steel Strength Fitness Program

    Steel Strength in an innovative training program developed by the fitness experts at Pine Brook Fitness that uses a combination of steel club and sledgehammer training. Steel Strength training improves coordination and challenges your core all while strengthening the body utilizing 3 dimensional movement patterns. Inspired by warriors, Steel Strength utilizes two distinct fitness tools, […]

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    Introducing Aut To Be Fit

    In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Pine Brook Fitness has partnered with Priscilla Bill, mom of two children with one on the spectrum, to launch a program dedicated to providing children with autism a structured fitness program. Aut To Be Fit is a 45-minute class for children with autism that will involve music, singing, obstacle […]

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    Weight Training: Get the Facts

    There have always been stereotypes associated with weight training and everyone seems to have an opinion on the topic that it can be difficult to know what to believe. To break through the chatter and get down to the truth about weight lifting, our Fitness Director, Steve DiDio, shares his thoughts on the most commonly […]

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    Build Your Base: Traversing

    By Matt Raue Ever wonder what those monkey-children on TeamRock are doing when they climb from side to side on the walls before practice? Don’t we climb up in this weird activity, sport, meditation, effort we call climbing? Those gifted youngsters are Traversing. Put simply, traversing is the act of climbing across. Whether scratching on […]

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    Team Rock at Bouldering Nationals 2016

    Congratulations to all of the Team Rock competitors at the USA Climbing Bouldering Youth Nationals last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin! Paris Liston, Lucas Oddi, Isaac Leff, Emmanuel “Manny” Derima, John Cohen, and Ryan Fanchiotti all did great, and worked extremely hard to get to such a high level of climbing competition. Isaac and Ryan also […]

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    5 Ways to Totally Dominate Your Workout

    Are you satisfied with your workout routine? Is it helping you achieve the results you’re chasing? If not, don’t despair. Pine Brook Fitness was recently featured in Westchester Magazine sharing five effective steps you can take to make sure your workout works for you! Check out the article here.

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